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For Communities: The Municipal Assistance Program

The CBI Municipal Assistance Program is designed to provide assistance to Connecticut communities wishing to pursue brownfield redevelopment projects but challenged by lack of resources. CBI students will work with UCONN faculty and our state and industrial partners to assist selected communities on a range of tasks related to brownfield planning, clean up and redevelopment. There is no charge for the Municipal Assistance Program, but interested communities must demonstrate a commitment to the partnership.

The CBI Municipal Assistance Program will also provide support to municipalities participating in Sustainable CT that are pursuing implementation and points towards certification for the action Support Redevelopment of Brownfield Sites.

MAP offers two opportunities for support:

In Fall 2018, eligible applicants for EPA Brownfield Assessment Grants can obtain support from CBI students to compile an application for community wide assessment grants. These grants provide support to prepare brownfield inventories and conduct Phase I and II investigations for several sites across a community. The FY 2019 solicitation for these grants is expected to be released in Fall 2018, and additional information including a webinar describing EPA grants can be found on the EPA website (click here).

Dr. Chrysochoou presented details on the Municipal Assistance Program in a webinar hosted by the UCONN Center for Land Use Education and Research on Tuesday, June 19th, 2.00 pm. The webinar recording and presentation slides are available below.

CBI DECD CLEAR webinar slides

The deadline for proposals to receive EPA grant proposal assistance for Fall 2018 is July 31st, 2018. The details and application form are available in the following links.

CBI Request for Proposals for Brownfield Support

This RFP is now closed. 

The recipients of the first MAP can be found here

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can receive support from MAP?

A: Eligible entities for EPA and DECD brownfield grants in the State of Connecticut, including municipalities, Regional Planning Organizations, redevelopment agencies and tribal governments.

Q: What kind of support will the students provide?

A: The students will work with the applicant to compile the sections of the Proposal Narrative, as described the in CBI Scope of Support. Students will conduct research to obtain supporting data, compose the narrative and seek input from the applicant.

Q: What commitment is expected to receive support?

A: The applicant must commit to: a) have a dedicated contact person who will communicate with CBI staff and the students; b) visit UCONN 1-2 times during the Fall semester to participate in the class activities; c) provide the necessary information and documentation to prepare the application.

Q: What if the proposal is not ready on time for the application deadline?

A: EPA solicitations are issued annually and the guidelines are typically similar year-to-year. Thus, an application can be completed, refined and submitted in subsequent cycles.

Q: Will CBI submit the grant on the community’s behalf?

A: No, only an eligible applicant can submit a grant application. CBI will only assist with preparation of the proposal.

Q: What is the cost of the MAP?

CBI is funded by DECD and philanthropic supporters. MAP is run at no cost to the municipalities.